Blog 2017

December 2017

I think I mentioned this before, we had some trouble with ..... Time...... Computerproblems... and....

So now when it is cold and snowing we try to catch up the system. We did not get any complaints about the lack of English Blog Items, so it will be alright to start right now in december.


December 2017 It is snowing, nothing special over here, just a daily fact with more (or less ) inches of snow . Clouds filled with all kinds of snowflakes drop their load on us .When there is a break we can clean the stable and relax, sometimes even with a short period of higher temperatures that is melting down the white stuff. Then the whole process starts all over again, this year it started November 16. We are only working outside when it is possible and that is not often. These days the computer gets a lot of attention. During summer it is restricted to some evening hours , now almost all day!

What kind of „work“ we do on the computer?

We use our Pc for


Write emails, keep contacts, write our blog on the website, skype and phone, keep track of appointments


Our work for Lloof create learning materials for the platform, Projekts, work with output from digital equipment like photocamera or the weatherstationn etc. Programming /add/renew our website.


Order on-line, shoppinglist like food for our animals, goodies for us like new toys or spare parts for repair or renewal in the house or stable

Read on-line,

paper, journal or publications Our daily basic information form all over Europe and the USA

Background information

Science or books Scientitic publication/facts from university or government departments

Learn and entertainment

Tutorials, English teaching stuff, music and Video


For training of the function of my fingers/ hands all kinds of Computer games.


uring night (or heavy snow), the doors of the stable are closed. We built an indoor camera to be able to see what is happening inside the stable.

The overview of our solarpanel system


We are searching facts about climate, climate politics, or social items in documentations on the TV and on-line sources. Our goal is to gain many facts, get an opinion, learn from that and share it with others in forums or lessons. Make people aware of what happens (topics) next to their doorstep or a little bit further away.


planning Old fashioned ´paperwork´ to keep record of our Wwoof-help , projects and of course my ever growing teddybear collection.

One day in August I read something that attracted my attention. Now was the time for some research and I found FSM. The path to catch up with Pastafarian was not complicated. At a university in the Netherlands a“ PhD to be“ asked the board not to hold his speech in a official tucsedos, but in his pirate suit. They denied. The sentence that caught my attraction was about the freedom of religion. Because the FSM is not a religion like western standards ask, so he was not allowed to wear the pirate suit. In this time of year we have enough time to research and we found a lot of facts and understood this FSM has been amongst us since June 2005 . This movement was first published by Bobby Henderson, a young Scientist. On the internet there is lots to read, why not start with Wikipedia?

In Germany FSM was founded in 2012 in Templin, near Berlin and is called:. Die Kirche des Fliegenden Spaghettimonsters e.V. . Nevertheless, there are some problems: NY Times wrote: Germany, Brandenburg state court ruled Wednesday the group can’t claim the rights of a religious or philosophical community. Judges said its criticism of others’ beliefs doesn’t constitute a philosophy. Anyway we are –even without a membership yet- believers and will join this community very soon. We love to be Pastafarian. Already signed up for a Pastafarian news letter abroad. We love the way they are organised, members talk, read the blog, suggest, add, inform in todays creative ways. It gives us reason to smile and think. Because this is an „unconventional church“ public approval is not a giving thing to be accepted. And could it be accepted in the rural community we live in? Not at all, we think. ! They will look as stubbern as always.

For more information look at the page FSM

April 2017

The first days of April felt like spring. Working outside and relaxing afterwards in the sun.

With the help of Wwooferin Anna we could start with Project 1: The garden at the slope of the mountain. First we brought the tools, poles and fence downhill. Followed by the watertank and waterhoses. It takes almost a day to get the water running properly in the watertank. The water is very important because in summer there might be a long dry period. We can only hope there will be enough water for all the gardens.

To start seeding the first vegetables we build two tiny tents in the lowest part of the vegetable garden. In there the seeds of salad, porrich and gabbage. Everywhere the little green leaves of all kinds of vegetable are popping out. The garden is wakening from a long wintersleep.

Project 1 The new garden for corn and potatoes is in progress. In the beginning very fast thanks to Hannah who is working so fast, in a couple of days all the poe from all winter is used! Now our new wwoofer is taking a wheelbarrow full downhill every day. During Easter holiday we had eggs and…. Snow! The 18th of April even the trees where white again. The new plants and trees where still covered with their winterprotection, so most of them didn´t suffer from the weather.

In the third week of April we started another Project and on the 26th of April Annette started putting seeds in one part of the three raised beds we are building with old stones. With an additional trick we hope the slugs cannot come in there and eat the fresh leaves. A cupperband should keep them out (they say.... is it true??) We will see what happens.

March 2017

This month starts with an early spring, but only for a few days. Those days we have spend outside, of course. After such a cold winter and a lot of snow -even this time of year- there ´is more than just a little bit of work waiting for us. The straw that landed on a big heap in the (vegetables part of the) garden is almost a mountain high to dig in for a better structure of the soil for planting and prosper vegetables. At the 15th of March a part of the 3 terraces garden is ready to plant the onions.

The first snow flocks flourish since the 10th of March and more spring flowers are popping. The little trees are freed from their winter coverings (feet and stems), all the straw has been removed and the difference is amazing. It takes about a complete week to get rid of all the protection. Now the plants are able to breathe and have moist to their roots and grow. Most of the little trees survived in pots, in the soil covered with a layer of leaves and can be planted near the mountain road. A nice job for the first Wwoofer this year. All the green that pops out of the soil is growing fast. We have to be patient for the flowers to grow, but enjoy one way or the other. At least we can have our coffee break in the sunshine, we don’t need to wear our coats all the time.

At last at the end of March all snow is gone, a new Wwoofer comes and enjoys spring, with a lot of sunshine, together with us . Together we are making a start with project #1

Project # 1: a new garden to grow sugar beets and potatoes on the mountain slope. To develope a garden we have to do a lot of work, digging in a lot of manure, build a fence and a watering system. Because of the nice weather we could start at the end of March. Marking the field on the mountain (pictures) , put in a fence, roll hoses down the hill to fill a water basin.

Now we need some help to clear the area from grasses and (ant-constructed-) ´hills´. To dig in the manure and flatten the field so we can start putting the seeds in the soil.

Februari 2017

NO, nothing wrong with your computer!! We just didn´t translate in English this month. Try the German version, good for your language skills ;)

Januari 2017

YES it is Februari, we had a computer problem, so we still have to translate the blog before posting..

AND we are updating the whole website!!!