February 2018

February 2018,

Is not very different from last January: very cold and unagreeable to be outside the house or stable.

Our water supply is an enormous ice-cube. After the temperatures are above the freezing point it will take many days before it will be water again. Every day the “Winterdienst” drives through the valley to keep the roads free of snow and ice. All we do is looking down from our farm at the passing traffic..... deep below even our little mountain stream is frozen.

We are all waiting for spring, not only for better temperatures but for general development and growth. Or just for a walk with the dog without the danger of slippery roads. The area is, since November, covered with a layer of snow all the time, icy parts all over...and trees across the mountain road, that are blocking everything for months now. No machine, to cut them away, can get up the mountain under these conditions.

We are not the only ones in Germany, not even in Europe to endure. And have a look at the USA.

In the house it is warm and we enjoy our stove as much as every winter. We have plenty of firewood so we will not freeze.
We do a lot of research for Lloof lessons and try to find people that have experience in all kinds of subjects, like Biological or Sustainable way of living, agriculture and so on.

Hendrik has found back his “old love” ……. Electronics. Something called Arduino caught his eye and now he tries to find out how these things work. Because all kinds of reasons we didn´t do anything with the wooden ship models. So, these “projects” have to wait till next winter. In spring and summer we have a lot of work outside and there is not much time left for hobby.

In the last week of march the first WWOOFer of the year will visit us. Hopefully the weather is good, so we can get out and have some work done.

Januar 2018

The start of 2018 at our place is filled with snow all over. Till the 3 rd of January we got fresh snow and winter sports centres close to us like Heubach, Masserberg or Oberhof got lots of sportsmen for skiing. Most people enjoy the countryside “langlaufen “ as much as snowboarding . Last year we saw the training for Huskies and their sled in the mountains, amazing. How they went down without brakes? Breathtaking we watched it very closely.

Last year we saw the training for Huskies and their sled in the mountains, amazing! How they went down without brakes? Breath-taking… we had a close look.

For now, the snowplough and other winter devices for the roads work many hours a day to keep traffic running. The end of the winter season will take to the end of March and sometimes even longer than that.

At last, at the 7th of January, our animals were able walking or jumping (Jamal) a few steps in the meadow, because the color changed back from white to green. A little slippery and windy- anyway better than in the stable all the time. But after 2 hours they were happy to go in again.

We are redecorating the upper floor of the house this year, the guestroom and the living space looked like it was in the 60ties! It really needed some paint, illumination and a nice bed. A large map of the world covers one of the walls, so our guests can pinpoint their home and our place as well.

A Winter storm hit Germany at the 18th. It damaged a lot and left Winter wonderland with ruins...... Not far from here the holiday guests of a hotel at the top of a mountain all had to go elsewhere: it was too dangerous staying within the fairytale of snowy trees and skiing areas.... The complete railway system was down and passengers had to sleep at the station or just in time arranged sleeping trains. We didn´t suffer from the storm, but it hit a lot of trees at our mountain. How many there will be down at the end of this winter? At the moment more than 20......

Tammy our dog loves snow, so she tries to step in it all the time. That didn´t always work out: at some spots, after a night of snowfall, she sinks in and cannot move. Just jump and sink in again..... I guess, she is the only one having fun all the time. The cats don´t like it at all. The cattle just sniffs a bit and go in the stable after some fresh air. When the snow melts, they are interested in the changing meadow, but have to wait till it will be dry and not slippery from snow or mud.

This is the time of year we enjoy music, a good book or a chat with friends. Think over arguments we get from the media, or discuss documentaries like Terra X(German program). At the moment we look into the subject of food supply for the world population in 2050. Will this one world be large enough to feed over 10 billion consumers than? Would it be possible when we all change our way of consume, stop eating meat? Yes, more and more (young) people are vegetarians, or live vegan life’s. Is it time for a complete change? There are a lot of demonstrations, but a real agriculture change? We just represent a small part and don´t eat meat for a longer time, but still use eggs and milk. Our footprint is made by using oil to use the central heating system, car and tools. We didn´t go for a holiday by plane for 15 years and not planning in future. Cycling in our Thuringian Forest is very tempting and attractive for young people. Most citizens over here walk a lot, so do we. Even in the midst of winter!

last Blog 2017

December 2017

I think I mentioned this before, we had some trouble with ..... Time...... Computerproblems... and....

So now when it is cold and snowing we try to catch up the system. We did not get any complaints about the lack of (monthly) English Blog Items, so it will be alright to start right now in december.


December 2017 It is snowing, nothing special over here, just a daily fact with more (or less ) inches of snow . Clouds filled with all kinds of snowflakes drop their load on us .When there is a break we can clean the stable and relax, sometimes even with a short period of higher temperatures that is melting down the white stuff. Then the whole process starts all over again, this year it started November 16. We are only working outside when it is possible and that is not often. These days the computer gets a lot of attention. During summer it is restricted to some evening hours , now almost all day!

What kind of „work“ we do on the computer?

We use our Pc for


Write emails, keep contacts, write our blog on the website, skype and phone, keep track of appointments


Our work for Lloof create learning materials for the platform, Projekts, work with output from digital equipment like photocamera or the weatherstationn etc. Programming /add/renew our website.


Order on-line, shoppinglist like food for our animals, goodies for us like new toys or spare parts for repair or renewal in the house or stable

Read on-line,

paper, journal or publications Our daily basic information form all over Europe and the USA

Background information

Science or books Scientitic publication/facts from university or government departments

Learn and entertainment

Tutorials, English teaching stuff, music and Video


For training of the function of my fingers/ hands all kinds of Computer games.


uring night (or heavy snow), the doors of the stable are closed. We built an indoor camera to be able to see what is happening inside the stable.

The overview of our solarpanel system


We are searching facts about climate, climate politics, or social items in documentations on the TV and on-line sources. Our goal is to gain many facts, get an opinion, learn from that and share it with others in forums or lessons. Make people aware of what happens (topics) next to their doorstep or a little bit further away.


planning Old fashioned ´paperwork´ to keep record of our Wwoof-help , projects and of course my ever growing teddybear collection.

One day in August I read something that attracted my attention. Now was the time for some research and I found FSM. The path to catch up with Pastafarian was not complicated. At a university in the Netherlands a“ PhD to be“ asked the board not to hold his speech in a official tucsedos, but in his pirate suit. They denied. The sentence that caught my attraction was about the freedom of religion. Because the FSM is not a religion like western standards ask, so he was not allowed to wear the pirate suit. In this time of year we have enough time to research and we found a lot of facts and understood this FSM has been amongst us since June 2005 . This movement was first published by Bobby Henderson, a young Scientist. On the internet there is lots to read, why not start with Wikipedia?

In Germany FSM was founded in 2012 in Templin, near Berlin and is called:. Die Kirche des Fliegenden Spaghettimonsters e.V. . Nevertheless, there are some problems: NY Times wrote: Germany, Brandenburg state court ruled Wednesday the group can’t claim the rights of a religious or philosophical community. Judges said its criticism of others’ beliefs doesn’t constitute a philosophy. Anyway we are –even without a membership yet- believers and will join this community very soon. We love to be Pastafarian. Already signed up for a Pastafarian news letter abroad. We love the way they are organised, members talk, read the blog, suggest, add, inform in todays creative ways. It gives us reason to smile and think. Because this is an „unconventional church“ public approval is not a giving thing to be accepted. And could it be accepted in the rural community we live in? Not at all, we think. ! They will look as stubbern as always.

For more information look at the page FSM