How do we get to der Baerenhof ? By public transportation system there are options: A local Werra Buss, regional train called Thüringer Bahn, even the ICE is a possibility it has a stop in Coburg. More info at : http://www.bus-bahn-thueringen.de

By car you can travel the highway 71 or 73 and mainroads from Masserberg, Eisfeld or Schleusingen.

More info: https://www.thueringen.de/mam/th9/tlbv/bab_nebenanlagenkarte_06_2017.pdf

What are the arrangements to stay? In the house we have a nice guestroom with a double bed, with a view at the forest and valley. A corner to relax and all you need to sleep. Fresh air guaranted!

What´s on the menu? Well, we plan to have breakfast at 7.30 AM, (warm) lunch/supper at 13.00 PM and an evening meal at 19.00 PM. We have a vegetarian plate without salt or sugar, but many herbs. The times go with the daily plan and/or the weather.

What to do in your freetime? Activities for your free time might be: We live in a national park ´der Thüringer Wald´ so you can check out wild-nature live. There are a lot of hiking trails, have a trip on a mountain bike ( available), rodeln or plan a trip to the Biosphere of Unesco. More information:



Is there access to internet? Yes in the evening hours, there is access to ´normal´ internet use. Downloading films is not possible, use of cell phone, that does not work (most of the time).

What house rules do you have? At our place we don´t allow smoking or a consume of alcohol or drugs.

Is Wwoof just for young people? Not at all! People who want to change their life style and need feedback on their thoughts, people that lack practise or experience are very welcome to enjoy rural life over here and explore. More information? https://wwoofinternational.org/ http://wwoof.net/