Dear friends, family and everyone reading this,

At the end of the year we want to share a moment with our friends, family and followers. There is always something worth mentioning. Of course, our extreme hot and dry summer. We had plans for projects, the Wwoofers, plants and a lot more. About Wwoofing? Very simple, 19 folks asked for a stay at our place, one came over twice and has been here last year too. So, she is not a “WWOOFer” but a real friend! The rest decided otherwise.

Are we in trouble with our “projects” if there is no WWOOFer around? NO, of course not, we do what we can and don´t need a “finished mark” at all the things we planned. Without these, highly appreciated, helpers we do the most important things ourselves and are happy with everything we can achieve. This year the most important subjects were water and firewood. A crazy combination, both very important.

In spring, temperatures were very moderate, working outside was a pleasure. As said before, logging was a highlight this year. A lot of trees fell down last winter and we can use them very well for the stove. It wasn´t easy and it took a long time to collect all the wood.

This year we had a lot of potatoes. And, because of the dry summer, we had lots and lots of tomatoes. Normally we grow them in a greenhouse, this year we had them in the open air too. 20 buckets full. And hot chili peppers (in the greenhouse)

We have had an extraordinary long, hot, dry summer and autumn just felt the same as summer. That´s why we had to water the plants almost all day long. Our well didn´t dry and because we are very careful not to spill water, we could use it till the first rain started. Living near the forest frightened us a bit. The danger of wildfires was there every day. Nature will have suffered from the heat and dehydration. How bad it is? Next year we will see, what plants survived.

To be sure we will have enough water for the gardens and animals in the coming years, we decided to buy a couple of water containers (1000 litres each) to have a backup of 14,000 litres.

Except digging in the pooh (from Lama and Donkey) in the vegetable gardens and logging wood for next winter, there is not much to do outside. Now we can spend a lot of time at the computer, writing, refresh the contact with friends, rearranging the website. Decorate the dollhouses for Christmas, enjoy the evenings at the warm stove with a book or even a simple computer game. There are still 2 ship models we can work on or painting on silk. Probably too many things to do in just one winter.

And of course, we are looking back, thinking about what happened this year, what plans we have for the coming year. If you like, you can send us your thoughts, ideas and what was important in your life this year, your plans for the near future. You can use the contact form on this website, or our E-Mail address.

A merry Christmas to all of you and a happy, healthy 2019.

Annette and Hendrik