Ecological recreation and creativity Centre

We are living in the “ Thüringer Wald“, a national park. The village is situated in the " Bibertal". Our house was build at a height of 520 metres over sealevel.

The village has two roads, the Bibergrundstrasse and the Bergstrasse where we live. There are just about ninety citizens in this village. On the other side of the mountain there is a village with a youth hostell, in winter there are lots of people skiing over there.

All year long we take care of our animals and try to live ecological, growing our own vegetables, without use of poison or chemical virtilizer.

In winter our main job will be getting the snow of our road. In our free time we spend a lot of time painting on silk, building dolls houses and modell ships.

Lets hope we can keep in touch with the world by internet and connections will not fail because of broken network cables, which happens every now and then. We will try to publish a blog every month.