Projects 2018

What is a project, and why needs a farm a project?

We think about a project as an idea that is realised by a plan within a certain timeframe. Our project has stages like: plan, start up, till an end. It is small scale and will take no more time than 1 season- often spring or summer. In the plan you will see an overview of all the materials, time schedule, jobs and go or no-go decisions. Here on the mountain the weather conditions are a fact of consideration or enough help to go with. Some jobs simply need more hands than we can supply- so if available we can go by the plan. Take all the necessary steps, it´s called: the project is launched.

The contrary – large projects always have a project manager, who works a daily routine by planning, decide about go or no-go goals, gives work orders etc. The more complex a project is f.e. international, more people are involved, even more communication or conferences are evident. The job of the project manager is a kind of guaranty for a successful project (time and money)

In 2018 we have 5 projects on the Baerenhof (without a project manager):

• Project 1. Create steps in the mountain to the garden below, work with materials available.

• Project 2. Realise a few steps next to the solar system, to go down with a wheelbarrow without falling.

• Project 3. Get water/ a natural water supply at the end of the upper meadow

• Project 4. Improve walkways (usable with a wheelbarrow)

• Project 5. How do we get stuff (pooh, plants) down and products (potatoes, beets, wheelbarrow) up from the garden below? We need a transport system.