Living and Learning On Organic Farms

Lloof was a (2-year) project supported by 10 Wwoof organizations and funded with a grant from the EU. Now the Fowo has adopted this project. We are working on providing courses in at least 8 languages.

This is a project that is always expanding. If you want to participate, you are invited to help us. Please contact us via our contact address or via the contact address of

In Europe, more than 20,000 adults or "Wwoofers" (mostly 18-34 year-olds) are registered in Wwoof organizations, all of them "are helping on organic farms around the world" or support WWOOF. In addition, more than 2,000 farms, who offer these adult volunteers practical learning opportunities, are registered at the Wwoof Partners. Every year Wwoofers are learning (informally) on Ecological farms.

Until now there was no free online education with subjects as volunteering and organic farming production.

Rural European agriculture should be maintained, targeting young adults, promoting their learning and complementing the hands-on learning experience in businesses with online learning. The Lloof platform is freely available and can be used online as an "educational resource" by anyone who wants to learn more about

• organic food production,

• sustainable lifestyles,

• rural entrepreneurship,

• cultural understanding and

• Voluntary work on farms.


It will hopefully help every business owner or cooperative to build a new small farmer / horticulture company (individually or together) based on organic food production. To make people work for organic farms in a responsible, sustainable, safe and healthy way, or at least to pursue a healthier lifestyle.