In the first week of 2019 we are confronted with a true winter climate. First snow was a fact last December, now it is a race to take down the Christmas Lights and bring the fairy lights dry inside. The amounts of snow are not the masses of > 50 cm per day as in Bavaria and Austria. But it is constantly snowing, sometimes more, sometimes less. Henk is, almost every morning, busy with the snowblower outside.

When it's dry for a few hours, we'll use that time to get “fresh” log/wood indoors, as the heating will burn day and night. The first storage place at the house is soon empty (7 thrown cubic metre) and we start emptying the next log-storage. Although winter seems to go on endlessly, we are not bored by the colour grey or white. We need a long time to bring the packed boxes with Christmas decorations up to the attic, it´s a lot of stairs to go up and down every time........

Sibylla’s bed is accessible again, without getting caught in any left decoration. During Advent we use her room as a stop-over for boxes and decorations.

We occupy ourselves in the hobby room with a diorama workshop and building a dolls house -Christmas house for next year.

We overhaul our website every winter. All the work for a fresh website takes much longer than usual. One of the reasons is Annette is not feeling well, but also because of security items: that turns out to be a big and complicated issue. In addition, website research runs differently whether it is in Dutch, German or English. It´s not just translating text, it needs to be embedded or related. Not everything is suitable or it needs many words. It is easier to explain something technical in different languages than a context or processes in the animal world.

Because of the snow layer I do not dare looking into the greenhouses. From time to time I brought some snow in, but now with these minus degrees it´s daring, hopefully the dirt and roots do not dry out completely.

Unfortunately, the winter service of the community let us down, they skip cleaning our part of the mountain road, thus forming a rink and ice layers where you could perform skating easily. One of the post delivery vans has already made a S-curve it had interpreted the snow layer as part of the road. Luckily 3 of its wheels drove on across the street and nothing happened.

The further the month progresses, the lower the temperature gets. At the beginning of January, the temperature was very low or even just crosses the freezing point during the day. From the 10th till today, winter is a real topic with all that goes with it. We are closing the stable doors every afternoon because of the heavy frost. Since that doors are closed at night, the donkeys and lamas are better protected against the cold. They do not have to go out to drink, because in the middle of the stable there is a warmed trough.

In the third weekend of the month there is great winter sports weather: the snow is high and the sun is bright. All mountain lifts are in operation and finally the sun was shining for 2 whole days, it is wonderful. But it is so cold that the sun cannot thaw the snow, it glistens, but it remains as hard as bones and crunches under our feet while walking the dog.

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The white environment has hardly changed, although the snow layer has become thinner, it is far from gone. Close to our home, only in a few kilometres distance, there are 2 ski lifts in Masserberg and Heubach, a toboggan run and (Loipen)groomed trails. To us the winter fun is a “no go” option, it never was. Since mid-February, the road from the valley up to the cemetery is a real ice rink. Henk has spikes under his shoes, so he can get into the stable and fill the wheelbarrow. The hay and straw for the animals is stored at the attic and we can easily get there by using the stairs in the house ....... Of course, we also feel that the spring is in the air. Although the sun is already warming properly and the slope is in the fog in the morning, it is not spring yet. Until the meadows are accessible again our animals have to be very patient ......

During the winter period, we are mainly occupied indoors and tend to contact the world by using the internet. The website is completely redesigned, extensive work done, going far beyond new texts and pictures. The connection is more secure now, the pictures different because of hovering. The blogs from the past years can be found back in the archive (till 2015).

In the attic I found back a box with porcelain dolls, in more than 80 parts. So, I can make dolls of about 15 cm. by linking 6 parts with each other. If they already have a wig or hairs that is a relatively smooth going job. 2 dollhouses are finished with (puppet) staff and can be admired in the living room and the bathroom.

When we stored the Christmas decoration many things went through our hands. And we found a nice-looking wooden box with a window: this "watch winder" was from a friend. Unfortunately, the mechanical part (moving) was irreparable. Over the winter we have built a mini-car workshop in it, with working lighting, vehicle, tools and much more. Of the dollhouses we have a lot of small goodies, one or the other just fitted in. Now it is completed and is presented down in the hallway with the lid closed! If you come through the door in the hall you can see this showpiece.

In the plant containers with flower bulbs, there are already little green dots, but everything stays inside for the time being. The season´s begin of growing vegetables has started, there are already several bowls with plastic hood slipped over at warm places like a windowsill. Germination usually takes about 2 weeks, every time it is a surprise what comes out of the soil, what you sowed and like!

Birds are already very noticeable: they whiz back and forth in front of our windows, empty the feeders in the garden and announce a warmer time. We, too, yearn for the outside. We still have 4 water tanks to be filled soon, at the moment much water flows down the hill, because the thick snow layer is finally melting quickly, at least during the day. At night it still freezes some degrees. We want to store water right from the beginning, hoping that it will not be as dry during summer as in 2018. We are talking about collecting some 14,000 litres of water for plants and animals.


Water, all day long, from the sky and running down the mountain. All the way down into the “Biber”. Most of the time this is a flowing stream but sometimes a very wild stream. Now it is as if a torrent is flowing, the noise from the Biber reaches us up at the mountain. The ….. is twice as wide as usual and has split into 2 streams at our pasture. That will probably stay that way for a longer time, because when the snow was finally gone, the rain came!

We have a long to-do list which should have been done at the beginning of the gardening season. Of course, all the soil is fertilized, the high beds well filled with fresh soil and fruit trees planted at the right time. We started with the tomato seeds in February and at all the windows there are seedlings to get the first sunshine. We need the path for the wheelbarrow, so we have to repair these paths early in spring. We cut a couple of trees and there is still a lot of woodwork to be done before we can use this part of the garden. We are making our plans. Yes, we do, but the weather does not cooperate: at first the snow that didn´t go, then days of rain and just when the beginning of wood sawing is there, it starts to snow again ....... It is important to us to get the woodwork done. Otherwise, the wild blackberries will soon grow wildly and make our work more difficult. For the summer we want to split and store the available wood, so that it can be used as firewood. And we need the part of our grove to plant fruit trees.

Pots with flowers are already waiting in the greenhouse, they cannot get out that way. So there is enough time to read the newspaper. This month I found 2 highly interesting articles about plants. From the article on Targetes I learned a lot. Although this plant and its effect is not unknown to me. But “student flower” as a companion was new to me. So, an experiment starts: between and beside tomatoes the colorful little ones as society and defense against unwanted creatures. Will it be enough? Hard to say because we are only in the growing phase.
And then, the first little trees are there and were planted, we did not even need to water, because there is still a lot of moisture coming from the sky. Snow and rain alternate until everything is completely softened.

Several projects are already done: the water supply, a fence made of branches, the sunscreen on the stable roof. All finished thanks to the help of a Wwoofer, that was really hard work, even our car has been able to participate. (towing the heavy branches uphill) We have also set up the scaffolding "Cooling with climbing plants". Good timing, before the sun pops all day. I had ordered the plants in February and it took a long time till planting was possible, due to weather conditions. Everything should get leaves and turn green. We will soon be able to feel if our work will have the result we wanted.


Time for a little puzzle. Which bird is there in the tree?
1 a stork
2 A heron
3 An owl
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