Environmental protection cannot tolerate any compromise: only those who understand and act on it actively, take responsibility for our generation and our children and their children's children.

The summed concepts are not only very important to us, they say a lot about our thoughts, actions and life in harmony with nature.


We stand for a sustainable cultivation of food. In nowadays world mass consumption, we can support a little bit our thoughts about the disturbed cycle with the natural rhythms. We talk about protection of natural habitats instead of mono agriculture or killing life with agricultural poison.

This way of growing crops gen/not gen manipulated to have a larger crop not only affects the cultivation of our food, but also our direct action and impact on our environment. Mankind marks his footprint on this planet more than ever in an ongoing process. It is high time to finally take responsibility for our actions and not endanger our species and all other living things.

Permaculture is based on lifecycles. People have to closely observe nature and get to know it in order of being able to use it effectively. The aim is to produce crops with the help of mother nature and produce as little waste as possible, not to exploit resources, but to use them effectively and economically.

Bringing people, with a common desire for a nature-loving lifestyle, together is a Wwoof thought.

Philosophy of Slowfood: Good, clean, fair!

Three times a day, at each meal, we make decisions with far-reaching consequences. Our food is inextricably linked to politics, economy, society, culture, knowledge, agriculture, health and the environment.

Of course, there is much more information worth researching, to know. Our interests are not limited to listed topics on our website, interest for the world we are living in means much more than that.

A central point however is the desire to leave a better world for our kids, then it is at the moment.Hendrik and Annette

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