Projects 2019

What is a project? Why projects on our farm?

To us a project is:

To carry out an idea with planning in a setting of place and time, a concept and lasts a certain period of time. It has a beginning and an end, if it is finished it will be used.

In the planning there is an overview of materials, a schedule, various work, partial tasks and “`go and no go” decisions. In our case, the weather is a significant factor or if enough hands on the job are available. To perform heavy parts of work at the same time , you just need more hands than our 4, if the extra hands are on the job you act out as planned, otherwise you cannot. We just plan a few projects a year. In some of them we need more hands to succeed. Some plans for projects stay on a shelf. Sometimes we work on parts of it for several years.

In 2019 we have planned the following projects on the Baerenhof:

Project 1: Increase the water storage capacity

Project 2: create a water system between all containers

Project 3: dig and secure natural steps in the mountain to get down to the lower garden.

Project 4: Build a shed for firewood

Project 5: design a map of the property + nameplates for berry plants (analogue + digital)