What is Wwoofing?

JOBBING IN NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Whether paid or for accommodation and food, whether for 4 weeks or 6 months in one place or in different projects. There are many ways to engage in nature and the environment. Voluntary „work in nature“ is "IN" and many enjoy finding a meaningful occupation in the fresh air. There are different variants.

At Wwoof you look for a farm that suits your interests. The abbreviation WWOOF stands for "World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms". This means this is voluntary work on organic farms worldwide. The goal is to promote sustainable living through organic farming. Being Wwoofer is extra help. You are strongly involved in family life and their activities. For the time of your stay, you are a part of the farm community with all duties and responsibilities. Sometimes you just enjoy a conversation instead of working. Or there is time for a (tea) break and a conversation about ideals, politics or the future. WWOOF is also the organization that enables interested volunteers to connect with organic farms around the world. This Video explains a lot.

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Who can go Wwoofing?

Who wants to take his (farming) luck in his own hands. Wants to get to know life in harmony with nature and can do without his smartphone for a while? For WWOOF is one of the most natural ways to discover a country and probably your own inner soul. If you do not want to commit yourself for a whole season or just want to get an impression of how it is to live far away from Wi-Fi and TV, you can also help out in Thuringia on our Baerenhof. However, you should say goodbye to the idea of the romantic farm. Dishwashing together is also part of the tasks besides cooking. Living in harmony with nature goes beyond organic bananas from the supermarket.

Where can I go Wwoofing

There are over 500 Wwoof farms in Germany. We are registered in the WWOOF organisation in Germany

(Hof Nr 522).

To be able to join WWOOF, you have to be a member of a WWOOF organization or WWOOF Independents for a small fee (in Germany currently 20 €).Then you get access to the online list of farm descriptions and addresses of organic farms in your destination country. In many countries there are national WWOOF organizations where you can get a list of national farms as a member. You will find a list of these organizations as well as further information about Wwoofing at